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Think BIG, Live BIG Confessional

By Erica Renée

I’m Done With Either/Or Thinking

If you:

  • Think negative thoughts regarding yourself, your life, and your future…
  • Would like to learn how to better control them…
  • Would like to eliminate them altogether…

Then you need to read this book. It will provide you with the tools necessary to become successful at the art of mind renewal. What you think about yourself is more powerful than what anyone else thinks of you. This book will help you to learn healthy ways of thinking that will empower you to become the person you have the potential to be.

You will learn:

  • What an Either/Or Thought is and why it can be so damaging
  • How to identify and dismantle limited thinking
  • How to replace wrong thinking with healthy thinking

Don’t wait another minute. Greatness is on the inside of you just waiting to be realized. Begin the process necessary to live your best life now.

Author & Speaker

Erica Renée

Erica Renée Moore wears many hats by way of family, ministry, and career and wears them well. Erica is the founder of Woman2Woman, a growing women’s ministry at her church and the W2W book club with the mission of Empowering Women to be Their Best. Erica’s sincere hope is that her debut book will resonate with you in such a way that your mind is filled with possibilities and emptied of all limitations. In her debut book, Erica writes from a place of transparency and takes you through the necessary journey that even she had to encounter and confront on the inside, going from a barren place to an oasis of beauty within by tackling her own Either/Or thoughts.

Erica Renée was born to be a writer. In fact, her mom named her this as she knew the call on her daughter’s life. God confirmed to Erica what He spoke to her mom about her purpose in one sentence… to write and speak. Erica graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Communications. Listening to Erica’s teaching, you can’t help but be impacted by her life-enhancing truths delivered with humor and simplicity!

Erica is also a licensed and ordained minister and she, alongside her husband, Sean R. Moore pastor a thriving church in Phoenix, AZ, Faith Christian Center. Together they have four beautiful children.

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I’m Done With Either/Or Thinking

I’m Done With Either/Or Thinking And Living Workbook


View endorsements from special readers of I’m Done With Either/Or Thinking by Erica Renée:


“One of God’s greatest gifts to us is clarity. Our gift to God is what we do with it. This book is a refreshing, riveting, and revelatory must-read for all who desire to live outside the lines and outside the box.”

Dharius Daniels
Lead Pastor, Change Church

“This book is not just a blessing, it’s a key in your life to breakthrough from the limitations that have confined, controlled, and crippled your life from being all that God wants it to be! As she states “ it’s hard to serve a limitless God when we have limited thinking.”

Dr. Michael Maiden
Senior Pastor of Church for the Nations

“This book is an invitation to align your life with heaven! In “I’m Done with Either/Or Thinking” she shares hard-earned wisdom that is made easily accessible and can be practically applied. Consider the dream of thinking God’s thoughts where heaven becomes our natural instinct and there are no limitations of choosing either/or.”

Audrey Meisner
Bestselling Author, Marriage Under Cover Co-Founder, Love Married Life ®

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